$LEE Mining

LeeBet offers not only a wide range of gaming activities but also a comprehensive system that supports various cryptocurrencies. The platform has its own native token $LEE which can be obtained through mining while playing on LeeBet.
Mining on LeeBet is a distinctive feature that allows players to earn $LEE tokens simply by placing bets on games. The amount of $LEE tokens earned depends on the bets placed and the mining price of $LEE. Higher bets lead to a greater amount of mining income. To ensure a smooth mining process, the minimum bet required to mine $LEE is $0.1 in any currency. If the $LEE token is used for betting, no new tokens are generated.
The total emission of $LEE tokens on the platform is 3,500,000,000.00 which is the maximum number that can be mined and cannot be altered. As the amount of available coins for mining decreases the value of $LEE tokens increases. The more $LEE generated the harder it becomes to mine new tokens.