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$LEE Tokenomics

$LEE Token
Total Supply

$LEE Allocation

$LEE has a total token supply of 3.500.000.000,00 tokens with a significant portion allocated to the play-to-earn system, accounting for 50% of the total token supply. Another 15% is allocated towards development efforts to improve the platform, 13% towards marketing to attract new users, and 10% each towards bonuses and referrals to reward loyal users and attract new ones. Lastly, 2% is allocated towards airdrops to help distribute tokens to a broader audience.

$LEE Generation Price

The cost of generating 1 token increases as the overall number of tokens in circulation grows. This mechanism is in place to prevent inflation and maintain the value of the tokens. This helps to ensure that the tokens remain valuable which in turn benefits token holders. The such system promotes long-term investment in the platform and helps to create a stable and sustainable ecosystem.