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Provably Fair

At LeeBet we take pride in providing our users with a fair and transparent gaming experience. We believe that every player deserves a level playing field, and we have built our platform to uphold this principle. We also provide our users with detailed game histories and financial records, so they can keep track of their gaming and financial activity.
Provably Fair Games is a system used in online gambling to ensure that the games being played are fair and not manipulated by the platform provider. This system uses mathematical algorithms and cryptographic techniques to generate game outcomes that are impossible to predict or manipulate. To ensure that our games are fair, we use the Provably Fair Games system, which is based on the SHA-256 technology. After the game is over, the player can verify the fairness of the game by checking the seed value used to generate the outcome. By doing this, the player can ensure that the outcome was indeed random and that the platform provider did not manipulate the game in any way.