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Referral Program

Referral Bonuses

LeeBet offers a highly beneficial referral program that provides users with significant bonuses. The referral program is designed to reward the most proactive users who invite their friends, family, and associates to join the platform. Here's a detailed overview of the referral bonuses that you can earn on LeeBet:
  • Referral Bonus for Winnings: You can earn 20% of every winning amount of your referral, based on house edge 1%.
Calculation example: Win = $1000; Referral Reward = $1000 * 20% * 1% = $2
  • Referral Bonus for Mining: For every $LEE mined by your referral you can receive a 7% referral bonus. Therefore, for 1000 $LEE mined by your referral you get 70 $LEE as a bonus.

Referral Page

On the Referral Page you can access a variety of promotional materials, including referral links and banners that you can share with others. It provides valuable statistics on your invited referrals, including information on how many people have signed up using your referral link and how much you have earned in rewards.